Safety Illumination Device(SID)



Our new SID is a distinct helmet mounted illumination device designed specifically for emergency workers. SID’s unique illumination can be seen from long distances in low visibility conditions or complete darkness (haze, fog, or smoke). SID will withstand extreme heat, inclement weather conditions, and is impact resistant. Use SID as personal alert safety system or emergency lighting. SID components are designed to satisfy industry standards.


MAJESTIC FIRE APPAREL is able to customize your hood by adding your name, badge number, fire department name, logo. Please contact us for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Any aftermarket customization or modification done to a Majestic Fire Apparel hood by any other company beyond MFA (the original manufacturer) will VOID the warranty and will also VOID the NFPA compliancy of the hood.

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Weight 1.0000 oz


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