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  • Moisture Membrane MM3 PAC II
  • MM3 Illustration

Moisture Management MM3 PAC II


Product Description

  • Style: PAC II

  • Overall Length:  21”

  • Design Features: Most Popular

  • Hood Specifications: Long notched shoulder bib design

  • Head Layers of Material: 3

                  Outer Material: Ultra C6

                  Sandwich Material: Melange 

             Inner Material: Ultra C6

  • Bib Layers of Material: 3

                   Outer Material: Ultra C6

                   Sandwich Material: Melange

              Inner Material: Ultra C6

*Please note: Any customization or modification not done by Majestic Fire Apparel will void the hood’s warranty and void the NFPA compliance of the hood.





Refer to Spec Sheets - All "PAC" Series hoods are UL Certified to meet or exceed the current hood requirements of NFPA 1971


MAJESTIC FIRE APPAREL is able to customize your hood by adding your name, badge number, fire department name, logo. Please contact us for further information.

PLEASE NOTE: Any aftermarket customization or modification done to a Majestic Fire Apparel hood by any other company beyond MFA (the original manufacturer) will VOID the warranty and will also VOID the NFPA compliancy of the hood.

WARRANTY INFORMATION Your protective hood is warranted, by MFA, Inc., to be free from defects in material and workmanship for one year. This warranty does not cover normal wear or unusual exposures, including abrasive wearing of close-tolerance accessories-such as voice amplifiers. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties or marketability and/or fitness for a particular purpose. MFA, Inc. shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

Product Reviews

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  1. MM3 Hood

    Posted by Todd A. DuPree , Fire Training Captain, Columbia, SC Fire Department on 11th Aug 2014

    The Columbia Fire Department has been rigorously testing the Majestic MM3 3-Layer ultra C6 hood with the moisture membrane over the past three months. The innovative design of this hood has provided a level of protection that users in our test sample have never experienced before. The product which was tested in grueling training environments and on the fire ground performed to a very high level in all areas tested (heat resistance, comfort, donning and doffing, and durability), and was found to be very effective at protecting areas of the head around the face piece seal. These areas are some of the toughest to protect as many products allow for skin exposure especially during demanding fire suppression activities.
    The organization had experienced an issue with past hoods not seating up well against the very small silicon lip on the MSA SCBAs. This problem is believed to be the reason that CFD members were receiving burns while wearing other hoods, even though the thermal ratings of those hoods were very high. With the new MM3 hood that was tested, the features of the elastic opening (size/elastic quality) and the playability of the C6 fabric was found to be a much more effective combination for providing the required protection with a lesser chance of skin exposure.
    The design of the product is not the only feature that makes this a superior product. The materials used in this product are high in quality and perform extremely well. The C6 material coupled with the Malange moisture barrier provided extraordinary levels of thermal protection while also preventing steam burns even when the hood was soaked with water and sweat. The product also showed good heat release, especially for its weight which gave personnel some relief even in a hot and humid southern environment.
    While this product is significantly more expensive than other hoods, the product features far exceeds that of others that were tested. The properties of the MM3 hood were so impressive that the organization chose to make a sizable investment in order to better protect CFD personnel. Logistics is currently in the process of purchasing this product for all 500 suppression personnel. Columbia Fire will continue to monitor this product through continued testing and will submit regular reviews through the evaluation process.

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